On Wednesday October 29 and Thursday October 30 Exelon and
Local 51 met to negotiate on new Labor and Benefits Agreements.
Several tentative agreements were reached.

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     IBEW LOCAL 51
has purchased a new building. It is located on the southwest side
     of Springfield and very easy to get to. We are scheduled to make the move on the
     weekend of August 9. The office will be closed on August 7 and 8 as we work our
     way through the move, but we should be up and fully functional on Monday, August
     11. Please note our new phone numbers: Phone 217-726-8481 & Fax 217-726-8487.
     Our staff's cell phone numbers remain unchanged.



Annual Family Picnic Location Moved
Our annual Local Union picnic will be on
Saturday, September 13 at the new hall. This
will give our members and their families an
opportunity to tour the building. We usually
start eating around noon and stay well into the
evening. If you do not want to wait until then,
stop by any time for a tour!


Online Pension Requests



IBEW Local 51 Enters the Digital World!

Good news for all our members, the Local is now accepting Debit and Credit cards!!!! Members may come to the hall and pay their dues or buy merchandise by using their Debit/Credit cards.

The Local is also able to take the member’s Debit/Credit card information over the phone for dues. This is a valuable addition to the services that the Local has implemented. Members may also pay their dues via phone using their checks, but they will also need to fax a copy of the check to the Local 51 office with a statement stating they authorize the local to use their information. Any members wishing to utilize this service need only contact the hall, anyone of our clerical staff can assist the members with any questions on this new service they may have.

Please call the hall 217/726-8481 if you have questions or comments. The hall fax number is 217/726-8487. Our email address is

Member Alert
Email Address

The Local would like to update our membership records with email addresses. If you have an email address, please email the Local at That way we can put this information on your individual record.

Having this tool will help in communications between members and the Local. If you have any questions, please let anyone of the staff know.

Thank you!!!!!!






Union Plus Scholarship applications can now be accessed on line.